*IMPORTANT: Streaming classes are hosted via ZOOM. You must book a class before joining. A PASSWORD will be emailed to you before class. Click here to join a streaming class on ZOOM. If you have a discount/promo code you will be able to enter it at the time of purchase.

Memberships can be canceled at any time without penalty.


Live Virtual Classes

Live streaming classes on Zoom.
2-Week Trial – All Class Access $29.95

Drop-In Classes

Partyfit Drop-In $13.50
Box & Pump Drop-In $13.50
YogaCore Fusion Drop-In $13.50
Pilates Fusion Drop-In $13.50
Barre Fusion Drop-In $13.50

Drop-In Punch Cards

5-Class Punch Card $65.00
10-Class Punch Card $125.00
20-Class Punch Card $230.00


All Class Membership $64.95/month
Partyfit Membership $54.95/month
YogaCore + Pilates Fusion Membership $40.95/month

On Demand Classes

Pre-recorded classes. Work out on your own time. Expire after 30 days.
On Demand Single Class $18.45
On Demand Mini-Pack (three recordings a month) $24.95/month
Variety 6-Pack Membership (six recordings a month) $40.95/month

Membership Plus

Get access to live virtual and on demand classes for your membership type.
All Class Membership Plus $74.90/month
Partyfit Membership Plus $64.90/month
YogaCore + Pilates Fusion Membership Plus $50.90/month