*IMPORTANT: Streaming classes are hosted via ZOOM. You must book a class before joining. A PASSWORD will be emailed to you before class. Click here to join a streaming class on ZOOM. If you have a discount/promo code you will be able to enter it at the time of purchase.

Memberships can be canceled at any time without penalty.


2-Week Trial

All class access for 2 weeks. New clients only. Use PROMO CODE at checkout.
2-Week Trial – All Class Access $29.95

$99 Fitness Challenge

Attend 20 classes within 6 weeks and get your money back! New or returning clients only.
$99 Fitness Challenge $99.00

Live Virtual Classes

Live streaming classes on Zoom.
2-Week Trial – All Class Access $29.95

Drop-In Classes

Partyfit Drop-In $13.50
Box & Pump Drop-In $13.50
YogaCore Fusion Drop-In $13.50
Pilates Fusion Drop-In $13.50
Barre Fusion Drop-In $13.50

Drop-In Punch Cards

5-Class Punch Card $65.00
10-Class Punch Card $125.00
20-Class Punch Card $230.00


All Class Membership $64.95/month
Partyfit Membership $54.95/month
Fusion Membership (Pilates/Barre/YogaCore) $44.95/month

On Demand Classes

Pre-recorded classes. Work out on your own time. Expire after 30 days.
On Demand Single Class $18.45
On Demand Mini-Pack (three recordings a month) $24.95/month
Variety 6-Pack Membership (six recordings a month) $40.95/month

Membership Plus

Get access to live virtual and on demand classes for your membership type.
All Class Membership Plus $74.90/month
Partyfit Membership Plus $64.90/month
Fusion Membership Plus (Pilates/Barre/YogaCore) $54.90/month