Véronique Mercier

Véronique Mercier is the founder of VeroFitness, co-founder of Partyfit®, and a well-known Victoria-based fitness instructor for over 15 years. Over the years, Véronique worked as a fitness instructor in more than a dozen venues around the City of Victoria. In March 2020, as fitness facilities were shutting down and all in-person fitness classes were being canceled, Véronique was overtaken by a strong desire to continue teaching fitness in any way possible. One week after the COVID-19 lockdown, Véronique started streaming regular online fitness classes out of her home studio. While having a full-time job in government, Véronique spent all her free time tirelessly working to make the virtual fitness experience the best it could be. During this time the VeroFitness community emerged as participants started coming regularly to class and embracing the virtual space as their new “gym.” Since then, the VeroFitness community has continued to thrive and grow. The pandemic brought to light that fitness was not only a hobby for Véronique but a calling. At age 44, Véronique decided to leave the government and take the leap to follow her passion and pursue fitness full-time.

As a fitness instructor, Véronique helps people find joy in movement and feel more connected to their bodies. She supports her participants to build new habits and inspires them to move, sweat, learn new things, improve coordination, and grow stronger together. Véronique makes each class a unique experience participants can look forward to. Most importantly, she believes that this experience should take place in a kind and supportive environment where everyone can celebrate and love their unique fitness and wellness journey.

Marissa Williams

Marissa is a BCRPA certified group fitness instructor and certified Partyfit® instructor. Marissa discovered her love for fitness and Partyfit® in 2016 after undergoing her own mind and body transformation. This pivotal moment for Marissa impacted her personal and professional life. As Marissa discovered her passion for fitness, it became clear that she wanted to become an instructor to share her love for fitness and inspire others. Marissa understands, from personal experience, that the demands of daily life often leave people with little to no energy for exercise. With this in mind, she always strives to provide her participants with empowering and inclusive energy that welcomes all ability levels. She recently experienced the immeasurable positive benefits of keeping an active lifestyle, and she is delighted to share her passion with the community. In addition to her love for fitness, Marissa is proudly raising her two sons on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Marissa currently teaches Partyfit® on Thursdays at 5:30 pm online and will soon be teaching in-person at Rainbow Park in the summer.

Amy Gilchrist

Meet Amy Gilchrist, our newest VeroFitness team member! Amy is a Certified Partyfit Instructor and has been devoted to fitness life-long.

In her day job, she is a Naturopathic Physician with a special interest in women’s health and hormone balancing. Amy is grateful to spend her working life in partnership with women to optimize their health.

Amy fell in love with Partyfit® from its very beginning as a dance fitness system. She was part of the first cohort of certified Partyfit® instructors in 2019. Amy loves that Partyfit® makes exercise fun and accessible. She describes Partyfit® as a joy to include in your life rather than a task you’ve got to check off your list. She believes the benefits for body, mind, and soul are tremendous.

Amy is a beautiful dancer who leads her Partyfit® classes with graceful and clean movements while fostering an inclusive and kind environment where participants thrive and feel successful in their fitness journey. You will find Amy teaching some of the Sunday Partyfit® Lite classes online, and she will co-teach some of the in-person classes at Rainbow Park with Véronique this summer.

Amy is the mother of two young girls, and she is happiest at home doing dance parties with her kids!

Amy is excited to join the VeroFitness team, and we are thrilled to welcome her on board!