Véronique Mercier

Véronique Mercier is the founder of VeroFitness, co-founder of Partyfit®, and a well-known Victoria-based fitness instructor for over 15 years. Over the years, Véronique worked as a fitness instructor in more than a dozen venues around Victoria, BC. During the lockdown in March 2020, Véronique strongly desired to continue teaching fitness in any way possible. One week after the COVID-19 lockdown, Véronique started streaming regular online fitness classes from her home studio. While working full-time in government, in her free time, Véronique worked tirelessly to make the virtual fitness experience the best possible. The VeroFitness community emerged as participants regularly came to class weekly and embraced the virtual space as their new “gym.” Since then, the VeroFitness community has continued to thrive and grow. The pandemic highlighted that fitness wasn’t only a hobby for Véronique but a calling. In 2021, Véronique decided to follow her passion and pursue fitness full-time.

As a BCRPA certified fitness instructor, weight trainer, and personal trainer, Véronique helps people find joy in movement and feel more connected to their bodies. She supports her participants in building new habits and inspires them to move, sweat, improve posture and coordination, and grow stronger physically and mentally. Véronique makes each training session a unique experience that participants can look forward to. She believes this experience should take place in a kind and supportive environment where everyone can celebrate and embrace their unique fitness and wellness journey.

Kris Olson

Kris joined the VeroFitness team in April 2023, immediately after completing her Partyfit instructor certification. Kris is no stranger to the VeroFitness community, as she has been dancing and exercising virtually with the community since its beginning in 2020. Kris loved dancing from a very young age. Despite her love of dance, Kris was told she didn’t have “the right body” for ballet. While this discouraged her from future dance training, she shifted her efforts toward athletics and music. Kris later played on Team Canada for softball and toured internationally with the Canadian Youth Orchestra.

Kris has always been drawn to the collective energy of group fitness classes and was excited to discover Partyfit in 2019. She adores the inclusive, body-positive community of folks who show up to dance, sweat, and have fun while building strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Kris is an HR Specialist with the BC Public Service by day, and in her free time, she loves to bring her passion for dance fitness to others and demonstrate that EVERYONE has a body for dance!

Grace Miron

Grace joined the VeroFitness team in September 2023. Grace is a certified BCRPA fitness instructor and certified Partyfit Instructor since 2017. Grace brings a vibrant energy and a wealth of fitness expertise to our community. If you haven’t met Grace yet, get ready to push your limits, and have an absolute blast while doing it. Grace’s mission is to uplift and inspire every individual who joins her class. Grace’s Partyfit classes are a place where laughter and determination go hand in hand. She’s all about keeping those smiles wide and spirits high while guiding you to give your absolute best.

Grace firmly believes one should look forward to their workout, which fits perfectly with the VeroFitness’s commitment to making wellness an enjoyable and integral part of life. We’re pleased to have Grace join the VeroFitness team of instructors!

Grace will take the spotlight once a month on Mondays to teach Partyfit & Sculpt.