Welcome to VeroFitness Online!

We all know how important health and exercise is to our well-being. Yet, so many people don’t exercise regularly. Why is that? Time is the most common reason people do not exercise. Did you know that online fitness is an incredible time-saving option and maybe just what you need to take your health and wellness to the next level? VeroFitness is an online studio and community that makes fitness fun, accessible and achievable for everyone. With Live and On Demand options, we got you covered! Create a space to work out in your home (or at work), and you are all set to improve your life! Ok, you get that online fitness is a great time saver, but why choose VeroFitness? Choose VeroFitness if you resonate with our philosophy and core values!

We Prioritize Kindness and Self-Compassion

Exercise is not a punishment. Instead, we see our workouts as acts of kindness to ourselves and our bodies. The saying: “Listen to your body” may sound like a cliché, but it is essential. What does your body need and can do? We all have different bodies and fitness levels. When you start at VeroFitness, you will be offered a welcoming consultation to discuss your current fitness level, go over your goals, and ensure you have good form performing various fitness exercises. This consultation will set you on the path to success in the group classes. And remember, loving your body goes beyond accepting and loving the shape of it. It is a state of mind, a state of gratitude for being alive and healthy – Love Yourself and Your Body and wanting to care for yourself and your body will come more easily.

We Focus on the Process, not the Destination

Enjoy each workout, each exercise, each hip thrust or knee up. Take in the feeling of being proud and take joy in the small improvement you see every day, like holding a plank for a bit longer, having more mobility in a stretch, or learning a new move or choreography. To support you, our instructors will lead you through your journey in a caring, uplifting and supportive way – Love the Journey.

We Value Each Other, and the Community

VeroFitness is a kind and inclusive fitness community. We welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds, gender identities, varying ages, unique life experiences, and various fitness levels. It is not a place for judgment. The love and kindness we strive to have for ourselves extend to the community as a whole. If you need to be inspired, let not only the instructors but the community inspire you to adopt a consistent fitness routine. The VeroFitness community is only three years old and growing. Join us, and be part of it! – Love the Community